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Lanteria emerged as a market leader in HR software tailored for SharePoint and Office365 enthusiasts. With a blend of Talent, Performance, and Learning management offerings, they’ve consistently delivered unparalleled HRM solutions to mid-sized and enterprise businesses worldwide, all while harnessing the potential of cutting-edge Microsoft technologies.

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Getting to Know You

Prior to formal engagement, we prioritize understanding your personal situation, financial goals, and key concerns that drive your search for financial advice. This forms the basis for a mutually agreed-upon scope of work. Please find below a comprehensive list of our capabilities.


Gaining Clarity on Your Finances

Our comprehensive planning engagements start by jointly assessing your balance sheet and cash flow. Access our secure client portal to upload documents or link your accounts electronically.


Building Your Financial Vision

We collaborate with you to prioritize your goals and assess the financial choices and risks involved in achieving them. Through close partnership, we establish a baseline projection of your future financial wealth, providing a roadmap for your success.


Analyzing Tradeoffs

We use our financial model to develop alternative scenarios, informing recommendations on taxes, insurance, and investments to align with your goals. Exploring scenarios to align recommendations.

Financial planning

Investment planning

Tailored investment strategies to help clients grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals.

Retirement planning

Comprehensive retirement plans designed to secure a comfortable and worry-free future.

Education planning

Guidance on saving and investing for educational expenses, such as college tuition.

Wealth management

Portfolio management

Active management of investment portfolios to optimize returns while managing risk.

Asset allocation

Strategic allocation of assets to achieve diversification and maximize long-term growth potential.

Risk management

Assessment and mitigation of financial risks through insurance solutions and other strategies.

Tax & Estate planning

Tax planning

Expert guidance on minimizing tax liabilities, maximizing deductions, and optimizing tax strategies.

Estate planning

Comprehensive estate plans that ensure a smooth transfer of wealth and minimize estate taxes.

Wealth preservation

Strategies to protect assets and wealth for future generations while minimizing tax implications.

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The Chalange

Before our collaboration, Lanteria faced significant challenges in amplifying its market visibility and fostering customer engagement. Their top-quality HR software, integrated with elite tools like SharePoint and Office365, needed to get the attention it deserved. Despite having a product that could revolutionize businesses, they needed help to connect with a broader audience and convey their unique selling points.

Lanteria’s impressive journey and dedicated efforts often got lost in the vast digital arena. Their story, filled with innovation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, needed a bigger platform. They had so much to share – from their successes to the challenges they overcame. But the challenge was ensuring that this narrative reached the right ears and, more importantly, was understood and appreciated.

The core issue wasn’t just about gaining visibility but crafting a compelling message in an ever-evolving digital environment. They needed a strategy that simplified their intricate technical aspects into an engaging story, capturing the essence of their brand and connecting with potential clients.

What did devziv do

Lanteria came to us with a vision: to enhance their digital reach. We started with Social Media Marketing, weaving stories and narratives that resonated with HR professionals. By showcasing Lanteria’s innovative solutions and their commitment to excellence, we built an engaging online narrative that captivated and educated followers.

Our efforts didn’t stop there. Implementing our Inbound Marketing Strategy, we produced content that catered directly to the needs and interests of the HR sector. From insightful articles to helpful tips, we positioned Lanteria as an authoritative figure in the HR tech space, always ready with solutions and insights.

The synergy of our dual-pronged approach meant Lanteria didn’t just have a voice, they led the chorus. Our strategies not only boosted their online profile but ensured their message reached the right audience, building bridges with potential clients and industry peers.

The Results

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