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Coegil offers an all-encompassing AI platform, simplifying the AI adoption process for businesses, big and small. From data integration to creating AI-powered tools, they’re reshaping how companies leverage data for growth.

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The Chalange

Coegil, with its ambition to dominate the AI landscape, hit a few bumps on its journey. Their mission was clear: simplify AI for businesses of every size. However, translating this vision into reality wasn’t as straightforward. Many potential clients, although intrigued, were hesitant. They appreciated the platform’s prowess but felt overwhelmed by its depth and the possibilities it unlocked.

Additionally, the integration of Coegil’s platform with everyday business tools, like CRM or ERP systems, raised eyebrows. Businesses were concerned about the time and expertise needed for seamless integration. This apprehension acted as a barrier, with many choosing familiar routines over potential innovation.

Then came the marketplace challenge. The AI arena, buzzing with activity and new entrants, made standing out tough for Coegil. They weren’t just offering another AI tool; they were presenting an AI revolution. But ensuring their message cut through the noise? That was a mountain they needed to climb.

What did devziv do

When Coegil reached out to us, we recognized the need for a dynamic, cutting-edge approach. App Development was our starting point. We dedicated our efforts to creating a user-friendly interface and streamlined features for their AI platform. This application was designed for every business, from budding start-ups to established Fortune 500s, ensuring every user had an optimal experience.

However, a stellar app needs visibility. This is where Email Marketing came into play. Our team meticulously crafted personalized emails, reaching out to potential clients and elucidating the unique benefits and ease of Coegil’s AI integration. Every email was tailored to resonate with its recipient, emphasizing Coegil’s revolutionary approach to AI.

We didn’t stop there. LinkedIn Marketing became our strategic playground. Harnessing this platform, we targeted industry stalwarts and decision-makers, underscoring Coegil’s capabilities. Each LinkedIn post, every engagement, was a testament to Coegil’s commitment: making AI simple and accessible for all.

The Results

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