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Busy with tech issues and not your main work? If tech is causing problems, Devziv can help. By choosing us, you can:

  • Let our team handle the tech while you focus on growing.
  • Do more with better web apps.
  • Know what you’ll pay each month without surprises.
  • Keep your business info safe and secure.

24/7 Access

Our expertly designed web apps ensure that businesses and users can access their essential tools and interfaces at any hour, from any device equipped with internet.


In the rapidly evolving digital world, staying current is crucial. Our web apps are built to automatically receive updates, ensuring users always benefit from the latest features without the hassle of manual downloads.

Cost Efficiency

By choosing our services, clients benefit from a streamlined development process that not only reduces the initial outlay but also minimizes maintenance expenses over time.

One App, All Devices

We pride ourselves on developing versatile web applications that provide a seamless and consistent user experience, irrespective of the device being used.

Strategy & Design

Incorporating Planning, Web Designing, and Content Definition to conceptualize and design the right solution.

Execution & Launch

Encompassing Development, Testing, and Deployment phases, we transform ideas into functional web applications.


Covering Post Deployment & Maintenance, we ensure ongoing support and refinements for optimal performance.

Building Web Apps for Your Business

Web apps are now a key tool for businesses. At Devziv, we create web apps that suit both new and established businesses. We stay updated with the latest in web app development. Our team has partnered with various companies globally, ensuring our web apps are effective and help businesses run smoothly.

Web Tools that Elevate Performance

If your tech setup is slowing you down, we’re here to help. With ‘Web Tools that Elevate Performance’, we optimize resources for better results.

Custom Web App

Enhance your business operations with our expert team's web apps. We provide cost-friendly custom apps, covering everything from creation to support.

Design and Development

Our expertise in technology, strategy, and design lets us create dynamic websites that elevate your brand. We provide solutions from responsive designs to e-commerce and ongoing maintenance.

Web Portal Development

Offer your users a seamless digital journey with our comprehensive portal services, from design to consultation. Need a custom or enterprise-level portal? We have the solution.

API Development & Sync

If you need to make or use an API, we can help. Our team has experience with many types of APIs like voice, video, payment, and more.

Front-end Development

We use tools like React.js, Angular, and Vue.js to make user-friendly web pages that connect easily with your data and systems.

Back-end Development

Use our skills in different tech areas like Cloud, DevOps, PHP, and more to make strong backends and APIs for your web or mobile apps.

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